Nov 14 2012

The Pregnancy Project – Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project DVD series is making me so happy!

Being pregnant is a miracle, and a joy of course, but it’s extremely taxing on our bodies. 

Keeping physically fit is so important right now for our minds, our spirits, the health of the baby, making labor and delivery easier, and making it easier to bounce back into shape after our babies arrive.

The series just came out in October, so I missed the first 5 months, but so far I’ve done 6, 7, and 8. They are all great! I find myself saying, “Thank you Tracy” when I’m done.

I always feel better, and have more energy when I finish the workout. She’s done an amazing job tweaking the exercises each month to suit our growing bodies. It’s also fun to watch her progress in her pregnancy at the same time.

For anyone who’s pregnant, I highly recommend The Pregnancy Project. It would also be a great holiday day gift for friends or family who are pregnant. At $49.95 for 9 DVDs is a deal.

Check out testimials from Gwenyth Paltrow,

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