Jul 12 2010

Cute Eco-Friendly T-Shirt Alert!

The T-Shirts at RevengeIs.com are not only environmentally friendly, they are soft and cute!

They are made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton.

Their tees are made either 100% from organic cotton,  a blend of recycled plastic bottles (RPET)  and organic cotton, or other eco-friendly materials. To make the RPET, recycled plastic bottles are melted down and then processed into a fine yarn which, in turn, becomes a soft and silky t-shirt.   It takes between 3 to 5 plastic bottles to make each RPET/organic cotton blend tee.  After the bottles are melted, the plastic fiber is blended with organic cotton to give these tees their soft, silky feel. These tees can be washed and dried over and over and they won’t shrink, fade or lose their shape.

They have many soft women’s tees, including a Haiti Tee. 40% of all sales proceeds from the sale of Help Haiti t-shirts will be donated to nonprofits working to rebuild Haiti.


They have cute kids Tees……


They also have a reusable mug. The stainless steel mug is insulated, spill proof, and includes a tea infuser for loose tea drinkers.  They call it the hybrid mug because it’s great for warm or cold drinks.

One note about this video clip. It bothers me that they say it’s good to re-fill your plastic water bottle over and over so you reduce waste. Yes, you will reduce waste, but you’re putting yourself at risk for potential health problems by drinking out of a plastic bottle. I ALWAYS have at least one stainless steel refillable Klean Kanteen with me. If I was stranded in the desert with nothing to drink but bottled water, ok, I would give in, but barring that hypothetical, no way am I drinking out of a plastic bottle.

A little more information about …

The yarn made from recycled plastic bottles for our Tuck Away bag – www.repreve.com

The soy ink used to print most shirts with – www.soya.be/soy-ink-benefits.php

The PVC, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Heavy Metal, and APEO free ink used on children’s t-shirts- www.parmelesupply.com

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