Jul 2 2018

Toxin Binders














Charcoal and clay have been used for thousands of years for maintaining health. Animals naturally eat clay/dirt when they are sick, and to help ward off parasites.

Binders are helpful for people who are susceptible to mold because our bodies do not recognize mold as a toxin, and it’s stored in our liver.  At least 1/4 people are susceptible, and it is the underlying cause of many allergies, early onset of dementia, autism, MS, and much more. They help our immune systems, by relieving our bodies’ toxic load, which leads to longevity.

Binders help maintain a healthy gut, they help get rid of parasites, and eliminate environmental toxins.  If you like to golf (major pesticides exposure), swim in lakes, drive a car, pretty much just exist, it’s a good idea to take a daily binder. They are also great when you’re sick, eat something that doesn’t agree with you, or before bed if you’ve had alcohol. Even babies and toddlers can safely take it, especially if they have an upset stomach.  It’s supposed to be away from food, but for babies you can add it to a little apple sauce. Pectin in apple sauce is a natural binder anyway.

Binders need to be taken 2 hours after food, juice, and supplements, and one hour before. I give them to my kids when I pick them up from school, so shortly after we get home they can eat. I take them at night about an hour before I take my proteolytic enzymes. They are totally harmless, and very effective. There are many kinds, but I like Bulletproof Charcoal and Premier Research Labs Clay. I like to alternate them because they eliminate some of the same toxins but different ones as well.

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