Apr 12 2010

Home Gardens

Home gardens are great for mom and kids!

The kids love planting, playing with the dirt, watering, and especially picking the ripe vegetables.

For mom, it’s a lot more convenient than going to the store.

It ‘s also comforting to know exactly how your food is grown and what is, or better yet, what isn’t put on the food.


Herb Gardens

Let’s start with the EASY stuff! Herb gardens are fairly low maintenance and grow literally like weeds>

My first real attempt at gardening (after killing many plants, tomatoes and peppers) was herbs – and it was a success!

Even my kids couldn’t kill these things (by dumping too much water on them etc.).

I took two large pots (approximately 31 inch ) and planted three difference kinds of herbs in each. I used top soil and a little Miracle Grow to get them started and they were off.

They do need sun and a little water, but not much else.

Beware of chives because they can really take over. You may want to get a separate pot just for the chives.

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