Apr 12 2011

Kind Cafe Member Carrie’s Story


When I was around 8 my parents took me to an Allergist to have a skin prick test to see what I was allergic to since I was having terrible allergies to the outdoors. Come to find out the test showed I was basically allergic to everything outside and I was allergic to cosmetics, cats, corn and wheat! I remember corn and wheat the most because as a child I thought to myself “I can’t be allergic to those I eat them all the time and nothing happens”. The Allergist told my parents and me not to worry too much about the corn and the wheat because it was in everything and since I had not had any allergic reactions to them I would probably just grow out of it. I started taking allergy shots right away but stopped taking them when I was 17. I actually felt better when I stopped the shots. Throughout my life I had horrible migraines that started at age 11, stomach problems (I won’t get into details) and other health issues. I always put down what my allergies were on my Doctor’s charts but they never linked my food allergies to my health problems and I never put them together.
About four years ago when I moved to Arizona my health issues got ten times worse and all the Doctors would do would give me more and more pharmaceutical drugs which made me worse. Finally, a few months a Chiropractor told me he looked at my chart and saw that I was allergic to wheat and corn and thought I might have Celiac Decease and I should start a gluten-free diet ASAP and cut corn out. I went to my Gastroenterologist (who I had been working with for months) with the news and he finally tested me for Celiac Disease but he was still sending me for other tests. My symptoms all seemed to point toward Celiac Decease; bloated stomach, stomach pain, migraines, constipation, loss of hair (about 50% in 6 months), my brother has Celiac Decease, low thyroid and just being tired all the time. I started the gluten-free diet and within a few days most of my symptoms started to go away especially the bloating and stomach pain. I found out later the hair loss is due to a medication. I knew going into my Doctor’s visit that my celiac test was going to be positive but it was “negative”. I was stunned and then he told me that one of the test showed that I had to have my gallbladder removed…what??? I told the Doctor that since going Gluten-Free/corn free I felt so much better. He told me that I was most likely Gluten-Intolerant and since the gallbladder test was taken before I started eating “the healthy gluten-free diet” that he would give me some time to continue it and see if the pain stopped and we would then not have to do the surgery for now…if ever”. So I continued doing the gluten-free/dairy free/corn free diet and no stomach pain unless I cheat. So no surgery for me!!!!! I have since seen a new Allergist and have been diagnosed as being Gluten-Intolerant and Lactose-Intolerant. I can’t tell you how much better I feel eating gluten-free, corn-free and dairy-free. It’s like my body is saying “Thank You” after all these years.

I’m so happy to hear that Carrie is finally feeling better af all of these years! Check out the Kind Cafe Community to see where Carrie contributed an amazing Mac and Cheese recipe and a Brownie recipe from Babycakes – one of my favorites!

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