Aug 19 2012

Live Butterfly Garden

We recently purchased The Live Butterfly Garden, and it was a big hit!

The kids have always loved bugs, and butterflies are no exception. Usually animal “toys”, or gimmicks, are sort of alarming to me. They usually consist of 1 lonely looking frog in a cup alone that dies shortly after purchase – or some variation of that, but this is different.

First you get the kit, consisting of the tent. Then you go online, or mail in your request to receive live caterpillars.

Within a few days, the caterpillars gradually make their way up to the top of their cup where they form chrysalis.

Once all the caterpillars have turned into chrysalis, you remove the paper lining of the cup, and attach it near the top of the butterfly tent. They will hang out there for about a week to ten days.

Then, one by one, they turn into butterflies.

The directions indicate that not all the chrysalis will turn into butterflies, but ours did.

We immediately released them, so make sure to do this little experiment in the late spring or summer so they can survive.

Every morning the kids would wake up and run downstairs to see if anything had changed from the night before. This is one of the easiest at-home science projects out there. It’s a great way to teach about life cycles, and nature, while having a lot of fun.

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