Nov 18 2010

No More Plastic Bottles!

I haven’t been using plastic containers or bottles for a few years now, and after seeing Tapped, boy am I glad!

Every once in a while my son will see a plastic water bottle at the grocery store or at some outing and he will make a big deal about how badly he’s ‘gotta have it!’ I always say ‘no’ and explain that I don’t buy or drink out of plastic bottles because they are not good for our health or the health of the environment. He’s not even 4 yet, but he kind of gets it. Sometimes I think, ‘oh, big deal, one bottle isn’t that bad’. But then a little voice stops me and I don’t cave. The reality is, just one is a really big deal.

The water bottle industry is the biggest marketing coup of all times! I don’t know exactly when it happened, but all of the sudden people deemed tap water as beneath them, and toxic and plastic bottles were the gold standard.

Many of these bottled water distributors are in fact bottling tap water and simply charging us for something we can get for free in our own kitchens. 40% of all bottled water comes from municipal sources. The other companies are going into pristine areas in Main, and elsewhere, and pumping their water from lakes for free and selling it. These areas are at risk for drought, and loosing natural wildlife with no compensation.

We have some of the best tap water in the world right here in the United States. If you’re concerned, buy a Brita, or install a water filtration system. These alternatives are far more cost effective over the course of a lifetime. Water is being sold at prices higher than oil! A commodity that is free no less!

Not only is bottled water not economical, it’s NOT safe. It contains BPA, a chemical that is linked to cancer and banned in Europe. Most plastic bottles are not being recycled, and will sit in landfills, or the ocean for thousands of years. The mere production of plastic is harmful to our environment. The people living around plastic factories are getting cancer at far above the national averages.

Next time your at Target or shopping on-line pick up a Klean Kanteen for a safe alternative to plastic. I also sell them at my store.


PLEASE take the time to watch this DVD. Trust me, you will say goodbye to bottled water forever!

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