Apr 13 2011

Spring Garden Time


We are getting further into April and for many of you that means you have already started your gardens.

We have had a lot of cold weather here, and then too much rain, but I’m gearing up to start planting in about two weeks.

I have four 4 x 4 raised beds at our house and after interviewing Matt Roman a few weeks ago for my show, I decided to join his community garden.

That means I have a lot of room for growing so I need to decide what I’m going to grow. The kids input is important to me because we garden and cook together. Noah really wants to grow strawberries and blueberries but they take about a year or two before they are really good. I’ll put those in the community garden and save room at the house for things I can use right away.

Here’s the scoop on the rest of what we’re going to plant, in addition to the berries.

1) Carrots – You can plant them from April 20 – July 1 and they take about 65 days to harvest. I’ll plant these at the house because we eat them all the time.

2) Sweet Potato – I have to wait until June 1 to plant these guys and then I need to wait 115 days to harvest, so we’re looking at October-ish. Those go in the community garden.

3) Corn – With all the genetically modified corn out there these days I never buy it. So if I can get my hands on some organic seeds I’m going to put some corn in the community garden.It can be planted from May 10 – June 20 and takes about 80 days to harvest. Sow corn seed 3-4” apart and about ½-1” deep in rows 24-32” apart.

4) Kale – We eat kale at least once a week so this goes in our home garden for sure. I can plant this after April 15 and I need to wait about 60 days. Sow ¼-½” deep, 1” apart in rows 18-30” apart. Thin seedlings to 8-12”.

5) Tomatoes of course, but last year they really got away from me! This year I’m going to plant one at home and one at the garden and that’s it! I’ll plant them mid-may. I’ll grow grape tomatoes at home, because I love to snack on them, and probably plum or roma at the community garden.

6) Spinach and mixed greens – I can plant these April 15 – August and they only take about 50 days for harvest. These go at the house for sure so we can have our salads anytime.

7) Garlic – I need to get on this right away. I use garlic almost every day and it stores well after harvest so I want to grow a decent amount. After April 1 it’s usually safe to plant garlic and the earlier the better because you have to wait 140 days to harvest.

8) Onion – Same with onions. They go well with tomatoes, but they won’t be ready to harvest for about 100 days. They can be planted after April 1.

Let us know what you are growing this year.