Mar 16 2014

The Best Tooth Care!


I haven’t written a post in a few months, for reasons I’ll get into soon, but I keep telling people about how amazing my teeth feel so I thought it would just be easier to do a post.

Living Libations is the creation of Nadine Artemis. She began experimenting with botanicals when she started pulling flasks of essential oils to recreate Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps for a school science fair project. From there, she went on to create a wide array of lotions, cleansers, tonics, and dental products.

I use tons of her products, and my skin has never felt, and hopefully never looked, better. She uses only the highest quality botanicals and carriers (i.e. jojoba oil, avocado etc.) with no artificial anything!  Her products are also fluoride-free. Here’s a link to a quick Q & A on why fluoride in toothpaste is not a good idea.

Most people don’t realize that a huge percentage of disease starts in our mouths. Getting rid of germs and bacteria from our mouths first thing in the morning and last thing before bed will not only give us a better shot at not getting sick, but will keep us healthier as we age.

I have to admit that her protocol seemed like a little too much to grasp at first, but I gave it a shot after watching her videos, and reading over her information. Her research and knowledge is so extensive, I felt like a fool to ignore her. Each product comes with such well thought out, and interesting information that is so right on. Her products help balance our mouths PH (to prevent inflammation and disease), they naturally eliminates bacteria, but they also add healthy botanicals to improve our overall health.

The first time I used the whole line of dental products I was blown away. My mouth felt amazing. Although a bit time consuming (4 minutes – a lot for a mom of 3), I found myself looking forward to taking care of my teeth. I feel like I’m really doing something good for myself, and it’s actually nice to slow down and take a few extra minutes for me.

I’ve since bought it for everyone in the house, and can’t stop telling people about it. If you have a minute, check out her videos, and detailed explanations on each product to see if you want to try it. Oh, and yes, I do realize her products are expensive, and they may not be for everyone for that reason, but they last because you only need small amounts.

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