Jul 9 2010

Toxic Chemical Lobby: Exclusive Leaked Footage!

This video is not only funny, but amazingly informative at the same time.


The truth is plastic companies have a lot of money to spend lobbying Congress not to outlaw certain toxic chemicals.

The truth is that these chemicals need to be outlawed and Congress can make it happen.

It’s up to us to pressure our government to make changes that should be a foregone conclusion. Changes that have already occurred in many European countries.

In 2009 California (following San Francisco’s lead) banned the sale of phthalate-containing toys and children’s products.
Phthalates, which have been around for about 50 years, have been linked to hormone disruption. Phthalates are just one example of a toxic chemical that needs to go, and it can actually happen, if WE make it happen.

Taking action doesn’t have to take a lot of time.  Click on this LINK to get a pre-written email and send it out.

In less than a minute, we can help make a change.

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