Starting Your Compost

Start Your Compost Pile, Bin, or Tumbler!!


Now that you’ve chosen what kind of composter you will be using, you need to start filling it up.

If you have the NaturesMill composter you only need a few cups of dirt or compost starter and you’re ready to go.

For compost piles, bins, or tumblers you will need some starter materials before you add your food scraps.

The key is to balance carbon (browns) and nitrogen (greens).

I don’t want to turn you off, so I won’t get too technical. Let’s just say, you need to balance your browns with your greens.

Go to your local farm or feed store and get yourself some good old-fashioned manure (nitrogen) and straw or hey (carbon).

It’s also a good idea to add some compost or soil to add composting bacteria (also purchased at a farm or feed store).

Now it’s time to make GARDEN LASAGNA!

Take a layer of straw ( a few inches deep), a layer of greens (1 or 2 cm), and a little soil or starter compost (1 or 2 cm).

Now start adding your scraps!

Noah loves throwing our craps in the compst everyday and can’t wait to help turn the compost every few days.

As I’ve said before, yes it does take some time and effort, but when you’re doing it with the kids it’s just fun!

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