Yoga Mat Cleaner

For those of us who sweat our as*es off in yoga, this recipe is a God send!

You can buy cleaners for your mat for $10 or $20, but this one is next to nothing, especially if you already have essential oils at home.

I like making my own yoga mat cleaner for a few reasons. When you’re doing yoga, you’re hot, therefore your pores are open and susceptible to absorbing toxins. The ingredients I use to clean my mat are perfectly safe and I don’t need to be worried when I’m trying to relax in shavasana!

I also love the way my mat smells now. Full of lavender – very relaxing and soothing – perfect for a yoga class!

Here’s a quick demonstration on how to make your own natural yoga mat cleaner…….

Yoga Mat Cleaner Recipe

1 Cup Water

¼ Cup witch hazel

30 drops tea tree

40drops lavender

Spray Cleaning Instructions:

1. Spray your yoga mat cleaner liberally over the surface of your mat.

2. Wipe the yoga mat with a damp cloth and repeat on the other side.

3. Allow your mat to air dry, which should take only about 5 to 10 minutes.

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