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Clean the World gets soap to people who really need it.

In an effort to prevent these needless deaths from occurring, Clean the World distributes recycled soap products, along with appropriate educational materials, to impoverished countries worldwide, and to domestic homeless shelters.

You can help. Your support gets us one step closer to reaching our goal of saving one million lives each year. Please make a donation or volunteer. And the next time you stay at a hotel, stay with one of our Participating Partners.




Surrounded by the Catskill Mountains in the town made famous for peace and music, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary provides shelter to cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, and goats who have been rescued from cases of abuse, neglect and abandonment.

We are a place where visitors can come face to face with these animals who most only know as dinner and learn about the devastating effects of modern-day agribusiness on the animals, the environment and human health. Here you can frolic with goats in a large open pasture, sit down with a pig who wants nothing more than a belly rub, cuddle with chickens who seek out your attention or get nuzzled by some very friendly sheep!

Check out their WEBSITE to see how you can help. For example, for as little as $10 a month you can sponsor an animal. What a great gift idea for your friends and family!








Impacts of Lack of Access to Clean Water on Children and How you can help.

  • Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related disease.
  • Children in poor environments often carry 1,000 parasitic worms in their bodies at any time.
  • 1.4 million children die as a result of diarrhea each year.
  • 90% of all deaths caused by diarrheal diseases are children under 5 years of age, mostly in developing countries

Donate if you are able, or simply add their links to yoiur facebook pages, blogs, and spread the word to your friends.

Help spread awareness!



School Lunches are notoriously lacking in nutrition and can even be harmful to our children.

The lunches are more often than not processed and packed with unnecessary fats, salt and sugar.

REVOLUTIONARY LUNCHES is helping to change all of that by providing organic and, often local, lunches to schools.

Click here to read more about REVOLUTIONARY LUNCHES and support their effort.



oneONE is a grassroots campaign and advocacy organization backed by more than 2 million people who are committed to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. Co-founded by Bono and other campaigners, ONE is nonpartisan and works closely with African policy makers and activists.

Join ONE and you will receive email alerts on how to help. Including letters to Senators that only require a quick signature.

There is virtually no time commitment to making a huge difference in this amazing grass roots effort!




Pledge a day of service to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!

Whether you pick up trash in a local park, create a haven for wildlife by planting native shrubs in your backyard or get your friends together to restore habitat in a nearby national wildlife refuge or forest, there’s something each of us can do to walk the walk for wildlife in our communities.

Take the pledge now!




The Humane Society of the United States, and your local chapters can always use money, and a helping hand.

If you are not able to contribute either, please look at their site to learn more about them and pass along what you learned.

Talking about the issues and spreading the word is one of the best ways to help!




“You can help end the genocide in Sudan by taking small steps that will make a big difference for the people of Darfur.

By lobbying your member of Congress, educating friends and family, planning a local event, or generating coverage in the media about the crisis, you will help build the political power needed to end this conflict.”





Join Colin Beavan’s project and try living a zero-waste lifestyle for one week! His website provides a step-by-step manual and will connect you with other people who want to take the challenge with the same start date!

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