Oct 29 2010

Animal Abuse at College Campuses

When I think of college campuses testing on animals I’m always shocked. I think of college students as being so forward thinking and aware that it’s heard to believe the students at these universities let it go on.

I think the explanation is that most students have no idea, and if they did know they would be protesting.

Thanks to PETA, the word is getting out. To help them, donate NOW and have your gift doubled!

A little more than a year ago, PETA discovered that experimenters at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW) were killing sheep in painful and deadly decompression experiments that were in direct violation of the state’s Crimes Against Animals statute. When pressed by a Wisconsin animal rights group, the local district attorney even went so far as to acknowledge that these experiments, in which animals died in agony, violated the law—yet he refused to either stop the tests or prosecute those involved.

Rather than simply accepting the prosecutor’s inaction and allowing more sheep to die excruciatingly painful deaths from the “bends,” PETA and the local animal rights group immediately petitioned the circuit court in the region to prosecute the university under the laws that it had so clearly violated. Earlier this year, the court granted our petition and appointed a special prosecutor, who is right now determining whether nine people involved in these cruel experiments will face criminal and civil prosecution.

Universities like UW don’t want people to know what happens to animals in campus laboratories—so we must do everything that we can to expose them. PETA is right now engaged in lawsuits against UW and the University of Maryland–Baltimore for violating their respective states’ public records laws by refusing to release documents related to animal experiments in their laboratories. These schools are conducting cruel, wasteful, and in some cases, illegal experiments on animals, and we intend to bring all their abuses to the light of day.

Here is an undercover video shot by PETA at the University of Utah.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is planning to use LIVE pigs for a trauma training course starting on October 14th The use of live animals to train physicians in Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) courses is cruel and totally unnecessary. Animals experience trauma when confined and shipped, and like us, they feel pain. While 95 percent of the U.S. institutions that offer ATLS courses have switched to more effective human-based simulators, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) seems to have little regard for the lives of animals, using and ultimately killing pigs to train doctors despite the existence of alternatives. UPMC conducts the only ATLS program in Pennsylvania that continues to use animals. Hurry — the pigs will face the operating table on October 14th! Tell the UPMC’s executive vice president and chief medical officer that it’s unacceptable to use live animals for the institution’s trauma training course. Click HERE to help!

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