Apr 20 2010

Just Say NO!……To Plastic Water Bottles!

Better yet, why are people drinking out of them in their own homes?

It takes more water to make a water bottle than actually goes in them.

They are a waste of water, horrible for the environment, and potentially toxic to our bodies.

Most tap water is safe, and cheap, in this country. Imbibe freely!

If you don’t live in Central Valley California that is.

Last night Nickelodeon teamed up with Water.org for the 30 minute special,  ‘Your Thirsty World.’

It gave a brief, but compelling glimpse of the world’s water crisis.

Including the health crisis right here in the United States.

It documented the struggle of a Central Valley community who do not have access to clean drinking water (even though they are obligated to pay for it).

Governor Schwarzenegger refused to sign a bill to help the community because the funds were not available.

WOW! I suppose clean drinking water is not yet considered to be a basic human right.

Odd, considering I’m pretty sure if we don’t have it, we will die.

What’s the solution?


I, along with many others I’m sure, had no idea this was going on here.

I also did not fully understand how bad it was in many areas in the world.

The lack of access to clean, drinkable water is the NUMBER ONE leading cause of human sickness and death.

Awareness, as always, is the first step.

The next step is action. Spread the word and visit Water.Org to see how you can help.

Work to get the water bottles out of our homes, schools, and offices. Recruit your kids to help!

And please don’t use Central Valley, California as an excuse!

We do have some of the highest quality water in the world.

If you’re still reluctant, filters are cheap, but water is priceless.


Click here!

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