Oct 5 2010

Laughing Rats!

Here is yet another example of how multi-dimensional animals are. We know gorillas can laugh, and now rats.

“It’s joy, it’s positive engagement with life. It’s deeply social,” according to Bowling Green University psychologist Jaak Panksepp.
Rats can experience joy, and certainly know what pain is.

Please buy cruelty-free products to help eliminate the unnecessary testing of animals. The way we spend our money is our biggest weapon to help animals who cannot help themselves.

Ladies, I know we all love our cosmetics. We give  BILLIONS of dollars every year to cosmetic companies. If we only directed that money to cosmetic companies who don’t test on animals, don’t you think they would all be forced NOT to use animals? Of course!

Here is a LINK to PETA’s website where they have a link of all the cruelty-free companies a girl could hope for!

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