Jul 4 2010

Plastic Bottle Ban in DC

What great news, another ban on a single-use plastic item!

A Washington DC supermarket has banned the sale of plastic water bottles at it’s 6 regional stores.

MOM’s Organic Market was motivated to initiate the ban after watching the DVD ‘Addicted To Plastic.’

After the launch, MOM’s committed to the following……..

* eliminating all bottled water!
* installing water filtration machines in each store so customers can use reusable containers for water- and offering first gallon free EVERY visit
* giving employees free counter-top home water filters and reusable water containers
* eliminating bagged potatoes, onions, oranges, salad mixes (will use biodegradable clam shells instead), and other unnecessarily bagged items from our produce department
* enabling through our POS system customers to bring in reusable containers for bulk purchases
* replacing plastic with either bio-plastic or cellophane in our pre-packaged bulk food section, bulk department, bread, bagels, and produce department
* eliminating petroleum based wax paper in place of biodegradable wax paper for bagels
To reduce plastic, MOM’s already:

* eliminated plastic grocery bags in 2005
* recycles bottles, bags, shrink-wrap, and plastic containers
* gives styrofoam packing peanuts to UPS and Mailbox stores
* uses bio-plastic packaging and utensils
* factors in packaging when choosing which products to sell
* applies pressure to manufacturers to use biodegradable plastic or less plastic/Styrofoam
* uses wood coffee stirrers
* eliminated the use of VCT floor tiles for the most recent 3 store openings (and all future openings)
* uses bio-plastic for gift certificate cards

These steps will help stop the Pacific Ocean’s Plastic Dump from growing, reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources, reduce emissions of green gases, improve public safety be reducing the amount of toxins we are ingesting, to mention only a few.

Way to go MOM’s!

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