Nov 14 2010

Please Take a Second

On Sunday, November 7, 2010, a prospective farm buyer came upon a gruesome discovery. Between 950 and 1000 pigs were found dead in a confinement barn on a property for sale in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. The investigation is ongoing, but initial reports have revealed that these animals were likely abandoned and left to starve to death. Early evidence shows these animals likely struggled to escape from the confinement barn. Some were found dead outside of the facility. According to media reports, as well as reports from local authorities, one of the farm owners left the property in August and the other had been off the property for some time.

These pigs died a horrible death, struggling for freedom, and no one came to their rescue. There is absolutely no excuse for this unconscionable neglect, and the people responsible for this tragedy should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Please go on Farm Sanctuary’s site and take a few seconds to send a short message to Fulton County District Attorney Travis Kendall, urging him to criminally prosecute anyone found to be responsible for this tragedy.

This truly will not take much time and signing these petitions really do make a difference. I’ve signed MANY throughout the years and often see change as a result of so many signatures. It’s easy to think your one signature will not make a difference, but it does. Thanks to sites like Farm Sanctuary, we only have to fill in the blanks and click ‘send’. It’s the lease we can do to show we care, and show that we do not think it ok to treat animals with the intelligence of three year old children this way.

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