Nov 22 2010

Reusable Bag Recall

Rhode Island based CVS  is recalling a line of their reusable bags nation wide after tests revealed the bags contain elevated levels of  lead toxins.

WJAR reports, “The recall affects just one kind of CVS bag, a ninety nine cent  green-colored, square bag made of a mesh-like material. CVS officials declined to say how much lead was in that particular bag, but said they had run new tests this week and found the levels exceed 100 parts per million. Federal standards prohibit paint on products that contain more than 90 parts per million.”

Not good news, but not a good reason to go back to single use plastic and paper bags. There are plenty of other good options out there. Canvas bags work well. I love my FEED bags!


There are a lot of people who hate to be bothered with toting their own bags, who will be thrilled with this recall. It will give them just the excuse they were looking for not to make a little effort toward helping our environment.

However, the reality is there are never any quick fixes, and easy solutions, with no learning curves. Bringing your own bags to the store is still a vital step in protection our air, our oceans and preserving our natural resources.

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