Jul 25 2012

SASHA Farm Needs Our Help!

Over the past few years we have spend a lot of time at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary. The farm, in Manchester, Michigan, takes care of more than 200 farm animals who have been neglected, mistreated, or saved from slaughter.

We try to go whenever they have a volunteer day to help clean up, and get ready for each new season.

The kids work really hard, and luckily the farm has a great crew of full-time dedicated volunteers to help as well.

However, this year volunteer work isn’t enough. SASHA desperately needs money. The excessive summer heat hasn’t left them with enough grass for the animals to graze on.

Check out the profile Channel 4 in Detroit recently aired documenting the farm’s struggles……

SASHA Farm Channel 4 Detroit

As a result of the profile, SASHA raised $13,000, which is amazing, but they only have enough money to buy 1/3 of the hay they need for the year to feed the animals.

With no grass, they are forced to buy hay, without it, they cannot survive.

If you would like to donate, please go to SASHA’s website, and donate on-line.

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