Feb 12 2012

The Green Shows At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week


After only 6 months of debuting my line of shoes, Elizabeth Detroit, I was asked to participate in The Green Shows at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week! The Green Shows is platform for the visibility and promotion of contemporary and luxury ethical fashion.

I was asked to overnight my shoes just a few days before the show. As luck would have it I only had two styles in stock because they are hand-made shoes, I usually have them made after orders are placed. As a result, I didn’t make it in the show, but it looks good for next year!

I hate to sound like an Oscar loser, but it was truly just an honor to be asked, and more than exciting to know that word is out about the line and people are responding in such a positive way to it. I’m also happy to report that I have 15 new styles that just came in. I’ll be posting them on my store for pre-orders within the next two weeks.

While I was at the show I saw Cri de Couer co-founder Julie Dicterow. I was happy to see that my friends were in the show representing cruelty-free footwear. We discussed how ecstatic we are that the fashion industry is taking notice that cruelty-free fashion is in demand.


I was also happy to see supermodel Shalom Harlow.


She was huge when I started modeling in high school and I’ve always been a fan. She was incredibly kind and gracious. Perhaps she will be walking around in a pair of Elizabeth Detroit shoes in the near future 🙂

Stella McCartney did a video for PETA that was to air in NY cabs for Fashion Week so all the buyers and editors would be inundated by the cruelty-free fashion movement throughout the week. However, VeriFone Media, which places the cab ads, refused to allow PETA to buy airtime, saying it runs consumer promotions, not cautions.

If you can’t watch animal cruelty footage, as I, then just close your eyes and listen to the message. Most people know why buying fur is cruel, but many people justify buying leather as a bi-product of the meat industry. It is however an industry unto itself.

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