Aug 22 2011

Vegan Class Offered At Oakland University!


The Nursing School at Oakland University in Michigan is offering a vegan diet class. It’s offered online so anyone can sign up.

Oakland University Instructor Marilyn Mouradjian, MSN, RN, is a practicing vegan who has long incorporated the benefits of the vegan diet in her nutrition courses.

“Our culture relies heavily on pharmaceuticals that often have serious side effects, which can prompt additional medication use to reduce those side effects. The vegan diet scientifically addresses the prevention and reversal of many chronic health conditions,” Mouradjian said.

Those enrolled in the course will enjoy a tasty approach to a wide variety of foods and menus that can eliminate the need for reliance on drugs as well. Instruction is designed to broaden individuals’ dietary repertoires rather than restrict them.

Mouradjian said, “The vegan diet has the potential to extend an individuals health while making delicious choices in their food selections. There will also be wonderful recipes for students!

When I contacted the school for more specific information about the structure of the class, they said the course is offered in a 7 week online format with weekly web discussions.  Students may check into the course at their leisure during the week, although there will be deadlines for a few projects.

The cost is $200.00 for the course and they will recommend some inexpensive books that can be purchased through Amazon, other book stores, or from the library, for course study.  The dates for the course are October 3rd through November 19th.

The class is limited to 25 people, so sign up now if you’re interested.

Here’s what you need to do…….

Go to
Click on Future Students
Go to Continuing Education
Click on OU Marketplace
Go 1/2 down to Nursing Continuing Education
Click on Vegan Diet For Better Health
Open up the photo and register

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