Jul 5 2010

Great Organic Lipstick by Nvey Eco

I’m happy to tell you about another fantastic cosmetic find.

Using organic lipstick is particularly important because our lips our protected by the thinnest layer of skin on our body. There are 5-6 protective layers of cells, as opposed to the 16 layers the rest of our skin has. Not to mention the obvious, which is that we will be eating whatever we put on our lips because of their proximity to our mouth.

I’ve tried MANY organic brands of lipsticks, but the color range has been limited. Nvey Eco is the first brand I’ve found where I liked 4 different shades immediately.

Nvey Eco is a totally organic Australian company. Their products are made with Natural Beeswax, Rose Absolute, Jojoba Oil, Chamomile and select vitamins such as A, E and C known for their restorative and soothing properties.

Not only are they non-toxic, but they feel great on your lips.

The downside is that it’s fairly pricey at about $28.00 per stick. For me the choice to spend a little more is easy because I only use one or two shades and they last a few months. The alternative is using less expensive, non-organic brands that contain lead, petroleum, aluminum, synthetic dyes, colors, silicones and parabens. I’ve even found parabens in many brands that are supposed to be ‘green’.

You can purchase Nvey Eco lipsticks at my store or at Amazon. Truly, my store is designed to make life easier for you, by organizing my favorite products and putting them in one place. However, you can also find all the same products on Amazon, it will just take a little more footwork.


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