Feb 15 2011

Winter Skin


Dry, and sometimes itchy, skin seems to go hand in hand with winter. This year it’s been pretty bad for all of us.

Our 2 year old even had a rash breakout all over his chunky little body 🙁

So what are the options?

1) Go to the dermatologist?

2) Go to a pediatrician for Henry?

3) Try some home remedies?

Clearly my vote goes with number 3, but we actually ended up doing all three. In the end though, the home remedies did the trick.

My husband went to the dermatologist and was given a glycolic based moisturizer. I understand the glycolic acid will slough away the dry skin and then the other moisturizing ingredients with nourish the skin, but it’s too harsh an approach for my taste and it had parabens.

I made him a paste with equal parts raw honey (made locally and organically – and they claim kindly) and cinnamon. The honey/cinnamon combo has been a life saver for our son Noah in the past. I’ve used it on bee stings, and rashes with great success.

My husband was not totally cured, but it helped, and is did as well as the moisturizer the dermatologist recommended.

He also put on a little lavender essential oil to help with the itchiness and irritation. Lavender is strong so be careful not to use too much, or too frequently.

Henry’s rash was all over his body, and so bad that I ended up taking him to the pediatrician. I assumed she would recommend steroids (which I would not have given him), but I was pleasently surprised when she said it looked like a virus and we should wait it out.

To alleviate his discomfort while we were “waiting it out” I gave him lukewarm baths with about 2 or 3 cups of old fashioned oatmeal.

Following the bath I put 100% aloe vera gel all over his body. I repeated the aloe in the morning when he woke up and before and after his naps. His rash cleared up pretty quickly after that regimen.

For skin that is just dry I’m a fan of Shea butter, vitamin E and Jojoba Oil for dry winter skin. They are also all great for putting on your cuticles at night before bed also.

After baths for regular skin hydration, I usually use California Baby on the kids because the company has great lotions and they do not contain animal derived ingredients.

Hope this information helps your winter skin. Please email or post questions on the community page if you have any.

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