May 30 2011

Fruit Yogurt

Fruit Yogurt

I was watching Dr. Oz the other day, which I rarely do, and he was talking about all the hidden sugars in foods and how we can avoid them.

He suggested eating plain yogurt with a little fruit instead of fruit flavored yogurt with all the added sweeteners.

My kids love strawberry/banana yogurt and I knew that plain was not going to do it for them.

So, I took the plain yogurt and put it in the Vitamix with 2 strawberries and a half of a banana.

Noah said it was the best yogurt he’s ever had, and I agree. It was to fresh and sweet.

We mixed in a little Kashi Nuggets for some crunch, protein and Fiber (7 grams of each per 1/2 cup), and 8% the daily recommended iron.


Because we don’t eat dairy, and avoid soy, we eat coconut yogurt. One 6 oz. container has 30% of the calcium we need, plus 6% iron and 35% B12.

Whenever I make yogurt, pancakes, smoothies or waffles, I always throw in ground seeds or nuts for more iron, protein and fiber. The last time I made this we added flaxseeds.

Many people think that it’s difficult to get enough calcium, protein and iron from a plant based diet, but it’s easy and delicious.