Feb 14 2012

Raw Chocolate Drops on Fox News Mornings

Thank you to everyone over at Fox News for having me in the studio to make heart healthy Valentine’s Day treats.

I’ve made these chocolate drops in the past, but I’ve made some additions to the recipe to make them even healthier for you, and more delicious at the same time.

The addition of sesame seeds, walnuts, and flax, add calcium, and omega 3s, in addition to more magnesium.

Raw cacao is an excellent source of magnesium, iron, and antioxidants. When you combine that with metabolism, and immunity boosting coconut, this recipe is an all around winner!


1/3 Cup Sunflower Seeds

1/3 Cup Ground Flax

1 Cup Walnuts

1 Cup Cacao Powder

1 Cup Shredded Coconut

½ Cup Honey

1/3 Cup Coconut Oil


Put Seeds, Flax, Walnuts in Food Processor and mix until ground (about 10-20 seconds).

Add Coconut, and Cacao, mix until all ingredients are well blended.

Transfer to medium mixing bowl.

Add coconut oil, honey (or maple syrup to make vegan), and mix with a spoon until blended.

Form into small balls on a baking sheet and store in the refrigerator.

You may also want to try these recipes for Valentine’s Day : Gluten-free cupcakes, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, and raw dark chocolate mousse.

After I posted this video on You Tube I received the following comment “I would love to let you know that it is because of you as to why almost a year ago I went vegetarian and I am now vegan. I just would love to say thank you I really enjoy all the effort and work that you put into educating people on everything from animal welfare to diet benefits. Big Fan! Happy Valentines Day!”

I just want to say that means the world to me! For every vegetarian out there the lives of about 50 animals are spared every year! Even more for vegans, and that adds up to thousands over the course of a lifetime. “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”. Anne Frank.