Feb 9 2011

Vegan Smores!

These smores are not only cruelty free, but ‘delicious’ according to my four year old.

It only takes a few minutes to make this yummy standby treat.

First, set your toaster oven on broil so it can heat up.

Get out the ingredients…….

Vegan Smores!

1) Vegan (non-dairy) chocolate chips. I like Enjoy Life’s.

2) Organic Graham Crackers

3) Vegan (non-dairy) marshmallows. I like Dandies.

Spread some vegan chocolate chips on the center of an organic graham cracker. Try to keep them in the middle of the cracker because when they get too close to the edge the chocolate will spill over as it melts.


Put the crackers in the toaster oven for about 45 seconds so the chips get soft enough to smear with a knife.

Put a few marshmallows on top (I like Dandies), then put them back in the toaster oven for about 90 seconds. Don’t leave them in the toaster oven for too long because the chocolate with start to crust.


Smear the warmed marshmallows and you are ready to enjoy your creation!


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