Jul 5 2011

Farm Sanctuary

Last week my husband and I took the kids to New York and made a stop at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen.
We have been supporting the Sanctuary and following it for a while, but it was amazing to be able to go there and see what is going on in person.

Farm Sanctuary just celebrated its 25 year anniversary, and during that time has helped countless animals in need of a loving environment.

The animals at the Sanctuary have been abused, maimed, and tortured. The living aftermath of our factory farming system. Some of the animals are still too shaken to be around people, but most have been nurtured back to the point of being their natural sweet selves.

This cow was a little lover, and she stretched out like my dog does when I scratched her neck. In a very short amount of time around these animals, you see how similar they are to us, to our dogs and cats, and how unnatural it seems to eat them.


Veggies and non-veggies alike will benefit from a trip to a Farm Animal Sanctuary. An animal’s love and affection can do a lot to warm your soul!

Please visit Farm Sanctuary’s website to find out how you can help.

Here is a clip Alicia Silverstone posted on The Kind Life about Farm Sanctuary. I love the part where one of the workers at a shelter in NY makes the connection for the first time between the sweet, and scared cow the shelter is caring for, and the burgers she has been eating for years. She has tears in her eyes as she vows for her and her family to go veg.

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