Oct 14 2010

Farm Sanctuary Visit

Last weekend we went to SASHA Farm Sanctuary in Manchester Michigan,  for their annual vegan potluck.

Needless to say, we all had an amazing time with the animals. I loved hearing about how each animal ended up at the farm.

For example, this is a prize winning race horse. After he was not longer bringing in the $ (over $350,000 during his career), they decided to have him killed. Thanks to SASHA, this beautiful and loving creature will live out his days at the farm. Side note for all the riders out there, riding is incredibly hard on a horse. The bit hurts and damages their mouth.


These cows were brought to the farm by a farmer whose family raises Holstein cows to be sold for slaughter. After personally bottle feeding these cows and raising them, he realized that their lives were far more valuable than the relatively small price he would sell them for. He asked SASHA to take the boys and SASHA agreed. Honestly, I’ve never met cows like these. I’m a fan of cows in general, but these guys were LOVERS! One of them almost ate my shirt because he was kissing me so much. Yes, I was a muddy mess immediately after, but well worth it!


Noah’s favorite part of the day was feeding this 4 month old calf who was supposed to become veal!



This big ‘ol big was a lover too. She is too big for her body thanks to improper breeding. Farmers like the pigs to get big, fast so they can slaughter them, but their bones can’t support the weight.


Here’s a video of the kids feeding the baby goats……

We also met the friendliest turkey I’ve ever seen who was raised for Thanksgiving dinner until the owners fell in love and couldn’t kill him. We met beautiful dogs who were missing eyes, but still as loving as could be, rescued from puppy mills.

SASHA is doing some amazing things, but it takes money to keep it going. For more information about SASHA and ways you can help please check out their WEBSITE.

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