Nov 17 2010

Holiday Gift Ideas…

I’m starting my holiday shopping and can’t help but think how frivolous it all is given the state of the world we live in. Most of the people on my list thankfully are doing pretty well and don’t need more ‘stuff’. A good alternative to giving more useless ‘stuff’ is making a donation to a charity in someone’s name. or adopting an animal.

Oceana has a lot of cool gift ideas on their site.  You can adopt a polar bear, a whale, a shark, a penguin, a seal and many other animals in need of our help. Your donation goes to support our campaigns to fight climate change, industrial fishing, ocean pollution, and oil and gas exploration and development.

Depending on the donation you choose, you may receive a stuffed animal along with your personalized adoption certificate, or cookie cutters, hot pads, cookie recipes etc.


82 cents of every donated dollar goes toward our ocean conservation efforts. Oceana has been recognized by Charity Navigator as a 4-star charity for the last 3 years, and meets the BBB Wise Giving Alliance’s Standards for Charity Accountability.

Your donation goes a long way, and it’s a great gift for kids!

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