Sep 6 2010

Labor Day For Animals?

Labor Day was originally created by President Grover Cleveland after he ordered troops to end the Pullman Strike in Illinois, which resulted in the deaths of 13 strikers. The holiday was his attempt to calm rising tensions and hostile responses to the killings.

Would it be possible to have a Labor Day for animals as our response to the daily killings of harmless animals? Or perhaps as our response to the daily abuses suffered by dairy cows and egg laying chickens?

If not for the entire year, then maybe just for one day we can refrain from meat and meat byproducts.

One day to relieve a dairy cow from being hooked up to machines and from the grief of having her calf taken away within a day of giving birth. The male calves only to be taken to a crate to live without enough food and virtually no movement, to live in it’s own excrement, so we can eat veal.


One day to allow a chicken to walk outside and stretch its legs. The chickens that were even lucky enough to make it that far, as most of the male chicks were shredded alive in an assembly line because they don’t produce eggs.


It’s still difficult for me to believe such atrocities occur daily in a country like ours, but perhaps for one day we can refrain from indulging our appetites at the expense of sweet, defenseless animals.

With the recent salmonella outbreak, if we can’t do it for the animals, maybe we can do it for our own health?


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