Feb 24 2011

PETA Protest

Today the kids went to their first protest and I couldn’t be more proud!

They were really into it and definitely understood that we were there to give a voice to animals who are not able to speak up for themselves.

Bullying is the go-to word and problem of the moment, but it’s been around since the beginning of time. What better way to teach our children about bullying than teaching them the correct way to treat animals?

Just because we weild more power, doesn’t give us the right to use it.


I mean, isn’t that what is going on at U of M, the reason for our protest?

The University of Michigan is taking live pigs and having holes cut into their throats, chest and limbs, and having needles stabbed into the tissue surrounding their hearts. Cats have hard plastic tubes rammed down their windpipes as many as 30 times each during a procedure. Following the exercises, the pigs are killed.

What’s U of M’s side of the story? That these techniques are being used to teach students and professionals lifesaving skills. That is true, however, the University already has sophisticated, human-like simulators to teach these same techniques!

Bottom line, the University does not need to harm animals to teach!


Compassion for each other starts at the most basic level, what we put in our body directly reflects how we view the world.

Do we think we have the right to dominate others because they are weaker, or don’t we?

What better way to teach our children about compassion, than choosing not to eat meat and to speak up when they see injustice?

Chances are when they are at school, not only will they not bully other kids,  they will likely speak up when they see it.

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