Apr 22 2011

Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe Interviews on Allergy Treatment and Soy Concerns

This weeks show is full of great information about the dangers of soy and also about allergy assessment and treatment.

The first of my two guests is Terry Robinson of New Life Allergy. Terry specializes in assessing allergies and treating them, all without needles, scratches or any discomfort!


Terry can painlessly treat everything from colic in babies, to autism in older children, to environmental allergies in adults.

I went to Terry for an assessment before interviewing her and was blown away! I always felt horrible after eating sugar, fructose and red wine (sadly!), but she confirmed that I am in fact allergic to all of these things. I now see her for treatments that take only a few minutes. I hope to be resuming my red wine consumption by summer!

Check out her website for a more detailed look into her methods.

Here is a short clip of the kids getting their treatments this week. They don’t have severe allergies, but everyone has sensitivities to some things. That’s why I think Terry is so great. She makes it easy to check out what’s going on and take care of it. They both had some dairy sensitivities and vitamin absorption issues. Although we don’t eat dairy, it is hidden in a lot of products so it’s nice to not have to worry about it. After only a few short treatments the allergy is gone. Henry of course has to be right next to Noah while he gets it done – so cute!

And yes, Henry is still in his PJs – I’m a busy momma what can I say?

The second interview is with Sheryl Shenefelt. Sheryl is a nutritionist and author who just published her fourth book, ‘The Soy Deception’.


The book explains why Soy is dangerous and gives alternatives, recipes and ways to avoid it.

Vegans particularly tend to eat a lot of soy, many believe it’s not only not harmful, but good for them. I’m not here to convert anyone, I’m only stating my opinion, and that is that I avoid soy whenever possible.

When I do eat it, I make sure it’s organic. That is the only way to be sure it have not been genetically modified. Even then, I limit it because of its links to thyroid issues, particularly in women, and hormone disturbances.

For more about Sheryl, her recommended organic, natural, and gluten-free resources, please visit her website at www.aplacetobe.com

To order your copy of ‘The Soy Deception’, you can visit it’s website here.

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