Mar 10 2011

Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe Talk/Cooking Show

Here is the first episode of Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe! It is my new talk/cooking show where we will be discussing topics I cover on my blog in more depth.

The first 20 minutes is an interview with the Executive Director of The Friends of the Dearborn Animal Shelter, Elaine Greene, followed by Noah and I doing a little recipe demonstration – which is very cute I must say (in the words of Ed Grimley). We do use honey in the recipe (which isn’t vegan) but I’ve since had a change of heart about honey and we now use maple syrup instead.

Elaine and I discuss why it is important to spay and neuter our pets, why it’s important to adopt from shelter, rather than purchasing animals from pet stores, and more. If you are interested in donating to the shelter, or if you would like to inquire about adopting the adorable and sweet Chihuahua, Poppy (who is with us for the entire interview), please contact the Dearborn Animal Shelter!

Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe airs Mondays at 11:30 am, and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm. It is produced by Bloomfield Community Television, which provides Community Access programming on Comcast cable channel 15 for residents of Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Hills. Under a contractual agreement with the Birmingham Area Cable Board (BACB), it provides Municipal Access and Government Access programming for Birmingham, Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms and Franklin.  The BACB’s channels are 18 and 15 on Comcast, respectively and 99 on AT&T’s Uverse.

Here is the clip of Noah and I cooking Energy Bars…..