Jul 16 2010

Fines For Propped Open Doors?


Yes, it’s true.

It’s illegal to keep doors propped open while the air conditioning is on in NYC. Recently, 9 businesses have been fined for doing just that!

This is one of those laws that’s great for the environment and I’m sure nobody took seriously. Business owners likely said to themselves…….”Would a cop really walk around writing tickets for such violations? Surely not.” But wrong they were!

The stores were fined $200 for violating the 2008 law. Last year warnings were issued, but this year the fines are coming.

According to the New York times, “The legislation states that any business larger than 4,000 square feet or part of a chain with five or more stores in the city must keep doors closed when using an air-conditioning system. A digital thermometer read a refreshing 79 degrees 10 feet away from a Zara’s on 17th Street and Fifth Avenue, despite it being a muggy 97 degrees two blocks away”

As if we aren’t using/wasting enough natural resources to cool our homes and businesses, now we’re air conditioning the air outside!


Of course times are tough and businesses are doing what they can to lure in customers, but sorry, not at the expense of our natural resources.

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