Sep 27 2010

PETA’s 30 Anniversary Gala

This past weekend, PETA celebrated 30 years of ground breaking activism. Attendees included host, Alec Baldwin, Pamela Anderson, Eve Mendes and more.

Here is a PETA video from the red carpet. Each celebrity talks about what issues are important to them, and offer ways we can help make a change.

Some of my recent favorite PETA issues include there shocking undercover investigation of laboratory animals, and their campaign to spay and neuter our animals.

“A female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in six years. Just one unaltered female cat and her offspring can produce an estimated 420,000 cats in only seven years. Dogs and cats may not be able to add, but they sure can multiply!

Up to 8 million dogs and cats are surrendered to animal shelters each year in the U.S., and half of them must be euthanized for lack of good homes. The only way to become a “no-kill” nation is to first become a “no-birth” one. By making sure that your companion animal is spayed or neutered, you can personally help to curb the dog and cat overpopulation crisis”.

Please don’t support puppy mills by getting your animals from a store or breeder. There are millions of loving animals at shelters just waiting for a loving home.

Please go to PETA’s website and learn more about the issues and how you can help!

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