May 19 2010

What is “A Weeks Worth of Dinners Made Easy”?

I’m just teaching (trying to) my children how to connect with their food, their environment, themselves and our family by including them in making their own food.

The “Cooking With Kids Method” starts with collecting food together (preferably through growing your own garden), cooking together and then composting what is left.

You will notice that the meals are not necessarily typical “kid friendly” meals, i.e. pizza, chicken fingers, mac and cheese.

I will add those as well (vegan versions), but I don’t make a point of cooking different foods for kids than I do for adults.

I’m not a short order cook. One meal is made that everyone can enjoy.

My kids eat everything I do because that’s how we’ve always done it. They have never been given a choice and don’t expect it.

All the dishes I will be providing are dishes my kids enjoy eating and yours will too if you give them a chance.

Many people assume their kids will not eat certain foods before even trying them.

If you cook with your kids, they are far more likely to want to eat it. Approach it with a fun attitude, an attitude that assumes they will like it, and they most likely will.

Each week I will provide you with 4 dinner recipes, (which I have gathered from various magazines, books and websites) and a grocery list to make it easy. All you have to do is print the list, grab the kids and get cookin’!

I’m not a chef. I’ve just accumulated a lot of amazing healthy recipes that are fun and easy to make with kids. I’ve taking the work out of it for you by researching the recipes, compiling them into organized weeks, plotting out the needed ingredients and demonstrating them for you.


Let’s get our kids away from processed foods, and get them involved in the process!

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