Jan 30 2011

Vegan Baking Tips


Being vegan does not mean you and your family will no longer be enjoying baked foods. In fact quite the opposite is true. Vegan cupcakes, pies and cookies are even better than their dairy counter parts.

Here are some quick tips to help you in your vegan baking endeavors…….

Ban Butter
What it does
: In baking, butter adds flavor and a rich and sometimes a spongy texture. It also helps baked goods rise evenly and adds to both the density and sweetness.
How to substitute: Butter is extremely easy to substitute in vegan baking. I almost always use Earth Balance. I use it for cooking and to add to noodles or toast. Anytime you would use dairy butter, Earth Balance is a great substitute.
You can try this buttery recipe for yourself…..

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Move Over, Milk
What it does
: Milk adds flavor and richness and creates texture in baking.
How to substitute: Milk is definitely the easiest to substitute in vegan baking, as many non-dairy milks already exist. Full-fat soymilk will help create the richness of whole milk, while rice milk is lighter. However, I avoid soy whenever possible and we use rice milk with our cereal, so I almost always use rice milk. I like the Original flavor by the Whole Foods brand, 365. Almond milk sometimes can add a subtle almond taste, as can coconut milk, and both will contribute to the richness of a recipe. For added vanilla oomph, try vanilla-flavored non-dairy milk.

Try these Vegan Pancakes to see how easy it is to make simple changes to your old standbys. At the time we made the video we were not vegan, but now we make the recipe with Rice Milk and it’s even better than before!

Oust Eggs
What it does: Eggs add moisture and act as a binding agent in baking. They are also a leavening agent, helping food to rise during baking.
How to substitute: Milk might be the easiest ingredient to sub, but a close second goes to egg substitutes. I usually use EnerG Egg Replacer that I buy at Whole Foods. I also use Ground flax seeds. They are a good substitute that are also nutritious—three tablespoons of water to one tablespoon of ground flax seeds equates to one egg. Mashed banana and applesauce are other healthy alternatives that completely cut out the cholesterol eggs add to baking. “Baking powder, baking soda, and vinegar are aces,” Costigan says.

Can It, Cream
What it does: Cream creates a smooth and sometimes fluffy texture in baked goods. It adds richness, and can make for a satin-like quality.
How to substitute: The richness of coconut milk can make a good replacement for cream. For a homemade replacement, blend one-part cashews and one part water until smooth. There are also a variety of non-dairy creams and creamers on the market.

Try this Vegan Pumpkin Pie recipe if you are in the mood to bake something healthy and quick!


Use 1 cup maple syrup instead of 1 cup of honey.

Check out these great Energy Bars using maple syrup instead of honey!

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