Oct 31 2011

Vegan Halloween Party

This is a post I did last year on Halloween. We once again had a Halloween party and it was pretty much the same this year except the kids are Transformers this year and I added a great hummus recipe to the mix.

I’ll re-post it this year in case you are in need of party recipes!

Last week we had a few kids over for a Halloween party. The party was vegan but I don’t think anyone noticed, which is what I was hoping for!

People who are unfamiliar with vegan cooking often think that vegan food tastes different, strange or not very good. I think my guests were surprised to learn that it actually tastes BETTER, than non-vegan food.

We had vegan pizza, cookies, cupcakes and pumpkin pie. We also had fruit and yummy guacamole dip.

I definitely feel like people started thinking of eating vegan as fun rather than deprivation. More importantly,  the kids has a blast!


A few days later was Halloween and the kids were SOOO excited! Henry got the drill down after only one house. He was shoving that plastic pumpkin through the doors faster than most of the big kids.


He only had 2 tootsie pops, but sadly he threw up in his crib later that night. Very sad for the poor little guy. I’ve blogged about how bad sugar is before, and this was yet another example of how even small amounts really effect our bodies. Just today I saw that Gwyneth Paltrow did a great post on her BLOG about the dangers of sugar (worth reading).

Noah had about 4 pieces of candy and he said he has a tummy ache, but he luckily did not get too sick. After we got back to the house, I explained to the kids that the Halloween Fairy was coming over later that night to take their candy and give it to other children who could not afford it. They each got to pick one piece to save for the next day, and the rest would be taken. Henry is too little to understand what I was saying, but Noah said that was fine. He just wanted me to put a note on the one he chose to save so the fairy wouldn’t take it.

I have to admit that I threw it in the garbage rather than donate it because I did not know where to take it. I felt guilty contributing to landfill waste, but I couldn’t compost it because you cant compost candy. A few days later my friend gave me the name of a charity that takes the candy and gives it to local shelters. So now we’re all set for next year! We’ll do another vegan party, have a great time trick or treating and donate the candy. And if we’re lucky, no one will get sick –  can’t wait!

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