Sep 23 2010

Vegan Hugh Jackman

Well, not 100% Vegan, but according to a recent article in VegNews, Jackman is seriously considering it.

According to vegan professional Ironman triathlete and author of Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life, Brendan Brazier, Jackman has been considering going vegan.

Jackman wrote the foreword to the new edition of Thrive, raving about how great he felt eating veg and using Brazier’s Vega Supplements. Jackman writes “there is every chance that I will be [a vegan] by the time you read [this].”

I can relate with Jackman so much on this issue. When you are not eating meat and dairy, you feel so good mentally and physically. It also feels good knowing you are not contributing to those industries and the suffering of animals, but it’s hard work.

Jackman told Brazier that  “he was trying out veganism for environmental and health reasons and to set a good example for his kids”.

Jackman is getting ready to make his transformation into Wolverine again and he doesn’t want to use chicken to do it like he did in the past. He is consulting with Brazier to help him get into Wolverine shape without meat. His trainer said “I don’t know if he’ll do 100-percent plant-based, but he’s certainly going to incorporate elements of it. That’s our plan—to do as much plant-based as possible and, ideally, completely vegan”.

I’m so excited that Hugh Jackman is going to give veganism a real shot and draw attention to the benefits of leading a vegan lifestyle. I’m also psyched to try the Vega Supplements that Jackman has been raving about!

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