Jul 22 2010

Vegan Skinny Bitch

Ok, this is my last Vegan post of the week.

Co-Author of The Skinny Bitch, Rory Freedman, is a Vegan. In the video clip below, she gives five reasons why it’s a good idea to go vegan.

I agree with all of them, but the last one.

She likes meat and dairy substitutes, but I haven’t found any that I like. I’ve done a lot of research and testing on alternatives, and I still have not found a good cheese.

I really want to make this vegan thing work, but so far it’s not.

This week I’ve tried Vegenaise, as a substitute for mayo and I couldn’t eat it. I tried Follow Your Heart Cheese, vegan chocolate chips and Tofurky hot dogs. I couldn’t eat any of it.

I don’t want to discourage others from trying these substitutes because a lot of people do like them, but they’re not for me.

Vegetarian, no problem, but vegan is a whole other ‘animal’ so to speak.

For now, I get my milk from a local dairy farmer, whom I know and trust, but I still can’t get passed my issues with eggs. I’ll see my local egg supplier next week at the farmer’s market. If he tells me he gets his eggs from a hatchery, or if he can’t tell me what happens to the chickens who know longer produce eggs, I’ll have to get my own chickens.

I find vegan-ism particularly difficult with small kids who really like their milk. I’ve tried milk substitutes, but they won’t go for it. I like Rice milk fortified with calcium, but they don’t.

I applaud those who are Vegan – big applause! For now, I will try to integrate vegan-ism as much as possible, but I’m not there yet. I’m looking into vegan cooking classes, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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