Sep 20 2010

Want Milk?

Take a good look at this picture. I’m not posting it for shock value, I’m posting it because that’s the reality of drinking milk.

People are so removed from the food they eat that most don’t even realize where it comes from. Sure, we all know that milk comes from cows, but the dairy industry has done such an amazing job with PR, that they’ve made us forget about the ‘gross-factor’.

I mean, that is gross, right?

Not only is it bazaar that it’s socially acceptable to drink milk from a mother of another brother, so to speak, it’s not even good for us!

Study after study (The China Study), has linked the consumption of dairy to cancer in humans.

Yesterday I was at the farmer’s market and struck up a little Q & A with a dairy farmer. She has an organic dairy farm and her cows are grass and corn fed. Basically, she’s all one could hope for to make themselves feel good about buying and drinking milk; supporting the mom and pop – not the factory farm. Sounds nice…..until you dig a little deeper.

So, it went something like this……

Q : Why do the cows continue producing so much milk? Don’t the have to be continually artificially inseminated?

A: Well, we give ‘em a good 2 months to dry up and heal. Most places get ‘em pregnant right away.

(I waited over a year to get pregnant again after having a baby, and trust me, it was still rough).

Q: How much time to they spend with their babies?

A: Oh, a good three, four days.

(Fabulous! Really quite generous)

Q: What happens to the babies after that?

A: The girls are raised to be dairy cows and the boys are raised to be beef.

Q: Veal?

A: (After fumbling a bit) Well, beef.

Q: Where are they slaughtered? Do you do it?

A: Oh no, we take them somewhere for that.

Q: Where? How do they do it? Have you visited?

A: Oh no. That’s all done behind closed doors. I mean I don’t want animals to be abused. I just don’t know how they do it. But, they are here to provide food for us.

Holy crap! People really do feel this way. I’m so truly blown away that someone can spend day after day with these amazingly loving animals, helping them birth their calves, seeing the innate love mothers have for their babies, and feeling totally comfortable knowing that those babies are enduring such unthinkable tortures so we can eat cheeseburgers and meatballs.

‘It’s all done behind closed doors”. People just close their eyes and pretend they don’t know how bad it is. And when pressed a little further, it’s ‘well, I know it’s bad but they’re only here to be food for us’. No, actually they are not. They are here to live their lives, have babies and be happy.

Some people may think being vegan is living on the fringe, but for me, there just isn’t a choice. I simply can’t be a part of the inhumane treatment of so many animals when there are healthy, delicious, more nutritious alternatives out there. Not to mention the fact that I’m pretty grossed out by the idea of drinking mom’s milk at 36 years old.

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