This week’s Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe show featured Andy Acho and Kevin Donley who came to discuss their upcoming Conference on Practical Sustainability, Thursday, April 21 at the Detroit Institute of Art.


Andy Acho is a nationally recognized expert on practical environmental initiatives that help make the world a better place and save money. Since retiring from Ford in 2006, Andy Acho has become a valuable resource for organizations interested in protecting the environment and improving performance.

Andy Acho is also a contributing author to the book, Becoming A Green Innovator, encouraging green business practices.

In his role as Worldwide Director of Environmental Outreach and Strategy for Ford Motor Company, a job Bill Ford created for him, Acho championed the development and implementation of more aggressive proactive environmental stewardship actions that not only protected the environment but also saved the company millions of dollars annually.

Kevin is the VP of Sales and Marketing for Grand River Printing and Imaging. This is the fourth year he’s put on the Earth Day conference. Anyone from business owners to concerned citizens may, and should, attend. Space is limited, so register now at this link.