I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Andrea McNinch, founder of Regeneration Raw. Andrea has a strong food background, graduating from one of the top culinary schools in the nation and having worked as a food stylist/writer.

She’s currently pursuing a master’s in live/vegan food nutrition (the only program of its kind in the world), recently received her Live-Food Teacher certification from the world’s foremost nutritional pioneer, Gabriel Cousens. M.D., and is in the process of obtaining a C.N.C certification.

Her passion is healing, and teaching others how to heal themselves. In fact, she is opening the Heal Yourself Institute in Royal Oak Michigan this August. Unlike no other institute of it’s kind, it will take a personal approach to health and help you attain optimal health through nutrient dense foods, namely Raw Foods.

I personally cannot wait for the Institute to open. I’m so excited that I am attending all four days of Andrea’s upcoming event, David Wolfe Raw, August 4 – August 7, which will coincide with the launch of the Institute.

David Wolfe is not only the world’s leading expert in nutrition and raw food, but he is also leading the way in cutting-edge longevity research.

Here’s what Andrea had to say about the event; “Whether you’re an herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, locavore, or an “anything-vore” just looking to get some easy, yet impactful info on feeling better, this educational seminar is for you! These 4-days will take you beyond diet and will delve deep into the latest, most healing research on both disease prevention and treatment (wait, we aren’t supposed to say that), and you’ll learn how to apply the most amazing longevity “technology” into your life that will FOR SURE blow your mind (it’s so easy, obtainable and most of it is FREE)!”

To attend the event, and to learn more about it, please go to the event’s Facebook page to register. For those who are not on Facebook please feel free to call the mainline at 248.470.4290 or email at events@how2eatraw.com.

You can learn more about Andrea and all of her projects by visiting her website, How2EatRaw.com, and by watching her interview. At the end we make a great drink that I now have almost every morning at home!

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