On the next “Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe”, I interviewed Beverly Hills (Michigan) resident, Matt Roman. Matt is the Environmental, Health, and Safety Affairs Manager for Visteon Corporation.

Matt and I discussed how to bring solar power to homes in the Midwest, specifically the suburbs of Detroit. It’s easier, and more cost effective, than you may think! We also discussed his initiative to get a community garden in Beverly Hills.

By the end of the interview you’ll be ready to start installing those solar panels on your roof, and over time you’ll not only save money, but you may even start making it with an incredible program through DTE energy’s SolarCurrants program.

I’ll show you a great vegan quesadilla recipe at the end of the episode. At the time of the shoot I was using Galaxy shredded rice cheese, but I have since discovered it has milk protein in it. We now use Galaxy’s vegan slices for the recipe.