Mar 16 2012

ThermaScan: Radiation-Free Breast Cancer Detection


Everyone knows how important it is to detect breast cancer early, but at what age should we start? What tests should we be getting? How often?

It can all be pretty confusing, especially since we are continually hearing conflicting recommendations. “Women over 30, over 35, over 40”. “Go get mammograms”. “No don’t, they cause cancer”. It becomes so overwhelming that many women just bag it all together.

My biggest concern was the radiation from mammograms so I’ve only had one, and I got it when I was 35.

I was elated to hear about ThermaScan. A friend of mine, who is also a breast cancer survivor, was feeling a little “off”. She had a mammogram, but it didn’t show anything.

She then went to ThermaScan, and the cancer showed up.

Medical thermology (ThermaScan) is sometimes referred to as digital infrared imaging, medical infrared imaging, infrared mammography or tele-thermology and involves the use high thermal and spatial resolution infrared (thermographic) cameras.  Medical thermology is a patho-physiologic discipline that is completely non-contact and involves no form of energy imparted onto or into the body.

In other words NO RADIATION! It detects changes on a cellular level that would never be picked up by a mammogram.

Medical thermology can reveal the abnormal metabolic and blood-flow features that cause changes in the temperature of the skin that are characteristic of certain types of diseases including breast cancer.

The test is quick, easy, and totally painless. No one touches you, and no machines touch you either! You will stand before the camera and make two sets of images of your breasts from the front and the both sides with one minute immersion of your hands in cool water between them. That’s it – five minutes.

Breast cancer is the largest cause of death for women aged 29-45!

So why not start when you’re in your 20s and get one every year? If I knew about it when I was younger that’s what I would have done. I’ve done it twice now, and I will continue to go every six months.

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