Understanding Thyroid Dysfunction

In order to adequately explain thyroid dysfunction, I do need to give you some medical jargon for the first paragraph or so, but bare with me!  I know more women who have thyroid issues, than women who do not.  I had a very short-lived thyroid issue a few years ago.  I had Hashimoto's for a few ...

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Why is everyone talking about Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut is a slang expression for intestinal permeability. It's gained some notoriety over the last few years, and for good reason. I speak of it often, but it's worth further explanation along with these useful images to help illustrate exactly what the issues are. When we talk about the ...

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Autoimmunity and Food Choices

Most people are well aware that pharmaceuticals are powerful tools. They can work for you, or against you.  Well, food is just as powerful. Every bite is a step toward health, or away from it. Every time you go grocery shopping, open your refrigerator,  or order at a restaurant, keep in mind that ...

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