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Autoimmunity and Food Choices

Most people are well aware that pharmaceuticals are powerful tools. They can work for you, or against you.  Well, food is just as powerful. Every bite is a step toward health, or away from it. Every time you go grocery shopping, open your refrigerator,  or order at a restaurant, keep in mind that ...

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put down those Statins!

It's well documented that statins increase diabetes risk, dementia, liver and muscle damage, yet cardiologists pass them out like candy. They also tell patients to eat a low fat diet, which is completely the opposite of what you want to do. That is according to my many valuable sources including ...

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Why To Consider Gluten Free

I hear people making fun of the movement toward gluten free all the time. I hear comments about why is this an issue now, when no one was GF when we were young etc. It's true, people did not have many gluten sensitivities when we were young like they do today, and here's why. As I explained in ...

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