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Apr 19 2012

Denim Therapy

We all know that we should recycle, but we don’t often get too excited about it. But here’s a major exception! Denim Therapy is giving our favorite, worn-in jeans a new life. Considering how expensive a new jeans are, this is some amazing news. Here are some examples of what… Read More

Jul 26 2010

“American Trash to American Thrash”

That’s the slogan for Green Banana Skateboards. They are currently the only skateboard company using 100% post consumer recycled plastics to make skateboards. The design is 70′s inspired and may be just the right gift for the skater in your home!

Jun 25 2010

Recycle ALL Your Cosmetics at Origins

Now that you’re cleaning out all you toxic cosmetics in favor of clean, natural alternatives, what do you do with all the old containers, bottles, lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners, pencils, shadows etc.? You can put the containers in the recycling, but not many people will take the time to go through… Read More

Jun 23 2010

The World’s Largest Garbage Dump…..The Ocean

Many of us have heard about the Pacific Ocean’s Gyre with 7 million tons of floating plastic,  but in case you haven’t seen it here it is………. As you’ve just heard, clean up does not seem possible (although I think it’s worth a shot – an International Superfund?), the only… Read More

Jun 17 2010

Where to Recycle Odd Items

Where can you recycle odd items? Here is a list of link to help. Appliances:  www.recycle-steel.orgBusiness Clothing: or take them to goodwill Carpets: Cell phone/Rechargeable batteries: Computers: Electronics: Eyeglasses: Floppy disks/videotapes or cds: to sell unwanted cds, dvds, vhs Formal Dresses: or again goodwill Packing Peanuts: or your local UPS… Read More

Jun 16 2010

Recycle Crayons with the Kids!

Recycling crayons has solved a lot of problems for me for sure! First, my 16 month old loves to break crayons after only seconds of use – what a waste! Now the pieces are too small to use. Also, he loves to try to put the smaller pieces in his… Read More

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