Apr 21 2013

Brazil/Almond Nut Milk

Brazil/Almond Nut Milk

I’ve tried a lot of different alternatives to cows milk, but this is my favorite!

As I’ve said before, I don’t like buying non-dairy milks at stores because they are highly processed, usually high in sugar, and lacking in protein, and fat.

Yes, I’m actually looking for fat, healthy fat. It’s good for our brains, skin, hair, and especially needed for growing children.

Just one Brazil nut has all the selenium you need for the day. They are also high in magnesium, manganese, and vitamin E. Just one cup of Brazil nuts contains almost twenty percent of a woman’s recommended daily iron. However, if you don’t soak your nuts (so to speak), your body cannot properly absorb the iron, so you need to pair it with some Vitamin c to aid in absorption. Whether or not you soak, it’s a good rule of thumb to follow that when you eat plant based iron, you should have a little Vitamin C.

This is the first nut milk my children are actually jazzed about, and it’s now a staple in our refrigerator. We use it on those rare occasions when we eat cereal, and I use it in all our recipes that call for milk.

It takes less than five minutes to make, and it keeps for about 4 days. I also use this recipe for almond milk. Just swap out the brazil nuts and use almonds instead.


4 cups filtered water

1 cup soaked Brazil nuts

2 dates

1 Tbsp Coconut butter optional

1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean

1 pinch salt


Soak the nuts overnight, or for at least 6 hours. Put all the ingredients in a high speed blender, and mix for a little less than a minute.

Use a nut milk bag to strain. You can keep the pulp for making dehydrated cookies.

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